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Top 10 Tennis Betting Sites of January

Online tennis betting is constantly growing in popularity and the reasons are clear. A game of tennis is never over until the last point was played and in-play betting makes for some very exciting developments. Use our chart below to find a great bookie.
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the best tennis bets

There are plenty of options when betting on tennis, whether before or during the match. The most obvious is choosing the winner of any given match, while other simple bets include choosing the exact set score, for example ‘Nadal to win 2-1’. There are also a couple of under/over markets commonly offered by the majority of bookmakers. Marks will be set for the number of games or sets expected from the game, and the bettor can choose whether the match will have more or less than that number. For example, one could bet that a match between Federer and Nadal at Wimbledon could have over 3.5 sets, or over 40.5 games, or vice versa. Another popular bet for tennis matches is the handicap market, similar to the asian handicap market in football. Unfancied players are given a certain number of games advantage over the theoretically stronger player, which should make the odds for each player around evens. An example here would be to bet on Murray to beat Djokovic when starting with a 3.5 game head start. When settling this bet, the total number of games won by each player are added up, and the handicap added to decide the winner.

The variety of bets on offer can offer interest for bettors from the very short term, with bets settled within a matter of seconds or minutes when betting in play, or in the long term when betting on player performance across the year or even over a player’s career.

Top Tennis Betting Tips

Deciding where to wager your money when betting on tennis can be difficult, but there is plenty of readily available information out there (including our excellent understanding tennis betting article) which can help when making a decision. Head to head records are important when looking at matches in any sport, but are even more important when looking at tennis matches, given that it is an individual sport. If a player, in general, struggles against a particular opponent this is likely to suggest that their game is not suited to facing the other player’s, while a losing record creates a mental barrier between the player and winning. It’s worth considering, however, when looking at a H2H record, that matches played a long time in the past are unlikely to have a huge bearing on the match today, especially if either player has developed or regressed since that match.

Another key consideration when betting on tennis is the court on which the game is played. There are four main types of court (Clay, Grass, Hard, and Indoor), and it is very rare that a player would be equally competent on every court type. An obvious example of this is the difference between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Nadal has won a massive 9 of his 14 slams on clay, while Federer has only 1 of his 17 slams coming on the French clay, but instead nearly half of his wins have come on the grass at Wimbledon. It goes without saying, therefore, that Federer is going to be the much more likely winner on grass, while Nadal will win the majority of matches on clay. Most players will have a preference for one surface or another, and by comparing the preferences of each player in a match, we can get an idea of which is going to be more comfortable on the court. In general, more aggressive players, as well as the bigger servers will tend to do better on the grass court, while more defensive players, and those that prefer to dominate from the baseline will prefer to play on clay. The slower hard courts are also more likely to favour baseline players, while indoor courts, which have no wind, will favour those players who go for the lines.

These are very important factors to consider when placing a tennis bet, and a quick look at a player’s statistics over the years can give the bettor a good idea of their preference for the surface and how well they match up against their opponent. Of course, as well as this, it is vital to consider the player’s current form, as well as any injury problems or other personal circumstances which may affect the match outcome, such as family matters or a change in coach. With so much information available, it is vital to consider which factors you consider most important, and whether the tennis betting odds are in your favour before placing a bet.

The Bottom Line about Tennis Betting

Tennis is fast becoming one of the best popular sports on which to bet, due to the wide-ranging markets on offer, both before the match and then in-play. The extensive statistics readily available to bettors means an informed decision can be made with little prior knowledge of the players. Tennis is an extremely exciting game to watch, especially when it comes to events like the Australian Open. Its fast pace and the constant changes in momentum make for an amazing spectacle, made only more thrilling when money is on the line.