Top 10 Formula 1 Betting Sites of October

As F1 and the betting industry grows, there are more ways than ever to bet on F1 events. With plenty of markets now on offer, there is always likely to be a bet of interest available to add even more excitement to the thrills and spills of the world’s favourite motorsport. 

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The Best Formula 1 Betting Sites

Formula 1 has long been one of the most popular spectator sports in the UK, and there has recently been an increase in the number of people who are looking at Formula 1 as a sport on which to bet. Any of the leading bookmakers will now offer odds on each and every race in the Formula 1 season, and through Top 10 Sports Betting Sites you can find a number of sites that offer a fantastic Formula 1 betting experience.

Through these reviews, you will be given all the information you need to find the top F1 betting site based on your individual requirements, with all of the best betting sites compared and rated by our reviewers to bring you the sites which offer an excellent F1 betting service.

How to Choose the Best F1 Betting Site

Choosing a betting site is never a simple task, with lots of different considerations before making the decision to pick a bookie. Formula 1 has had a big increase in betting popularity recently, but it is still not one of the most highly covered sports when it comes to betting. Some betting sites will offer more extensive coverage than others, and so this is the first major consideration for finding the bookie where you’ll place your Formula 1 bets.

As well as the coverage of all of the main markets before the race, each bookie will offer different options for betting ‘in play’, so to speak. Therefore if you want to watch the race and react to what’s happening, you’ll want to find a bookie that offers a great range of in-play betting options, as well as the potential to cash out.

Another key factor to consider is the special offers available when betting on each race. Many bookmakers offer signup bonuses and promotions, while others will offer special deals on each race individually, such as offering enhanced odds on certain drivers, although often only available to new customers. Sometimes it can be great to take advantage of these offers from a variety of bookmakers, so you can get great offers on a large number of races.

Why Bet on F1?

Formula 1 is a great sport with lots of different factors affecting the outcome, meaning that there is always an angle available when looking to make a bet. There is always the possibility for the outcome to change at a moment’s notice, with the high-speed racing always having the potential to end up with collisions and crashes, with some of them as spectacular as they are devastating.

The excitement of the race and the drama that unfolds makes for great viewing anyway, but having money on the line at the same time only adds to the nervous tension which makes Formula 1 both thrilling and nerve-wracking in equal measure. In previous years, there was a domination from Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, and while the Brit is still the leading light of the Formula 1, the races are much more competitive and the race winner and pole sitter is much less clear cut, meaning we can get much better odds as a result.

Even when we have races which look to be set in stone, the variety of markets on offer means that there is always something to bet on, even if the race has long been already won.

How to Bet on F1

Betting on Formula 1 is easy, but making a profit from it is the real challenge. There are plenty of factors to consider, whether looking at the likely changes in the weather that can drastically affect the result of a race, or looking at the profile of the track and which driver or car it is most likely to suit. When we are making our Formula 1 bets, whether betting on the race winner or a top 10 place, we need to take into account all of the factors in play that will make the difference when picking our F1 bets.

Finding the Formula 1 section of a bookmaker is simple. Most sites will have a dedicated section which can be accessed from their main sports menu, while others may have their Formula 1 betting sections placed within another section, such as ‘motorsport betting’. When we get there we can easily choose between betting on individual races or the outcome of the season, and choose the markets we want to bet on.

Types of F1 Betting

There are a number of different ways to bet on F1, which means you can always find a good quality bet no matter the race or the circumstances.

  • Overall race winner: The most common form of betting is on the overall race winner, with odds ranging from odds-on and lower, to some in double and triple figures.
  • Each way: You can also bet ‘each way’ on the race winner which will split your bet into two halves – one half bet on the race winner, and the second half on the driver to finish on the podium, at a specific fraction of the overall odds based on the bookmaker’s terms.
  • Fastest Lap: Another popular market for betting on Formula 1 is the Fastest Lap market. This can vary dramatically from race to race and is by no means always won by the leading driver. This can also be an exciting bet, as even if the overall race is decided, the fastest lap holder can change with the very last person to pass the chequered flag.
  • Match betting: An up-and-coming market in the Formula 1, and not offered by all sites, is match betting. In these bets, we are simply putting two drivers up against each other, and deciding which one will finish the race in the higher position. This also gives us the opportunity to make accumulator bets by combining our preferences in lots of driver matchups.
  • Other options: Sometimes, when a race looks unlikely to be won by anyone other than the favourite, we might want to explore other options. We can bet simply on a driver to finish on the podium, which can give us some good odds if we feel a specific driver might be well suited to a track or have a good record there. They might perform above their normal level in certain weather conditions which are expected, or they may have been building up to a big performance. Likewise, we can find some bets like this when looking at the Top 10 markets, which gives us a chance to look at some of the lower ranked drivers and teams.

F1 Races and Competitions

The Formula 1 season, like each of its races, is a marathon, not a sprint. There are 20 races across four different continents, with the racing action starting in Australia in March, and culminating with the season-defining Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with the recent addition of double points being on offer makes for an exciting finale to the season.

Some of the most prestigious races in addition to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix include:

  • The Italian Grand Prix, held at Monza, which is the apple of the eye of Ferrari, the team of Italy
  • The iconic Monaco Grand Prix, set in the streets of Monte Carlo amidst a backdrop of yachts and casinos
  • The tracks at Great Britain, Japan and Brazil allow for high octane racing and plenty of high speed overtaking

Each Formula 1 race has a number of points attributed to the finishing positions of the drivers, ranging from 25 for the winner to 1 point for finishing in 10th place. At the end of the season, the driver with the most points from the 20 races will be crowned the World Champion, while the constructor which has gained the most points from their two cars gains the Constructors Title. Nico Rosberg won the title last year before retiring, with Lewis Hamilton on the verge of another title with his Mercedes team having already confirmed their fourth title in a row.

F1 Betting Advice and Tips

There are plenty of options when betting on Formula 1, and the best advice anyone can give is to choose the way you like to bet on the races.

The most important tip is to do your research, as working out which drivers perform well at which tracks can give you an important guide as to who you should expect to win or to finish on the podium. Certain drivers have different driving styles, with the more aggressive drivers likely to do well at fast tracks such as Monza or Japan, while the smoother drivers will perform generally better at tracks with plenty of tight turns such as China or Spain.

Keeping an eye on the changing weather conditions, and reacting appropriately when betting in play, can also give you a good chance of making some winnings. The rain acts to level the playing field, with the increased chance of a crash and the reduced speed of the leaders allowing for underdogs to steal points, podiums and even race wins.

Another way to make the most of betting on the F1 is to look at the fastest lap market. It is almost always in the last few laps that a fastest lap of the race will be set, when cars have the least amount of petrol and therefore weight on board. Those that are really pushing in those last few laps are going to be far more likely to get the fastest lap, so racers like Lewis Hamilton, who is more likely to be coasting at the front, is less likely to get the fastest lap, compared to one of the drivers battling for position as they race towards the finish. This offers a great in play betting opportunity by looking at which driver has the most to gain by driving fast in the final laps.

Whatever market or betting style you choose, the most important thing it to take advantage of the great offers and promotions, and to pick the right bookmaker who will offer you the most value for money when betting on Formula 1, with our reviews and great offers and promotions here to help you to do just that.