Top 10 Best Boxing Betting Sites of October

Boxing has long been one of the most popular sports for punters, with almost as much money brought in by the bookies as is paid to the fighters. With the outcome always on the line, there is nothing more exciting than following the fight with your betting slip in hand. Check out the chart below for great bookies for boxing, or read on for more information about betting on the big fights.

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What are the best boxing betting sites?

This isn't an entirely easy question to answer, as it is very much a subjective judgement. Furthermore, for meeting your personal needs, you could find particular boxing betting sites better than others that actually tend to attract higher ratings from punters. Before using a betting site, you should therefore think carefully about factors like the welcome bonuses and special offers.

What types of boxing betting are there?

As the boxing betting sites that we most recommend tend to be diverse in the types of boxing betting they offer, there can be more chances for you to win, too. Here are the types that you are likely to find.

  • To win fight - This is alternatively called "to win the fight" and is the primary and most straightforward form of boxing betting. You bet on the boxer who you expect to win the overall fight; it is as simple as that. All sites offering boxing betting include this option.
  • Winning round - In which round do you think overall victory will be claimed in the fight, thus bringing that clash to an end? This is what you are wagering on here. You might be able to specify simply the number of the round or, in addition to this, the person who will win the fight.
  • Winning group of rounds - While this is akin to betting on the winning round, it is a group of rounds, not just one, that you would select here. That group could be, for example, rounds 1-3 if you reckon the clash will end early, or rounds 7-9 if you expect an encounter of greater attrition.
  • Round totals - Not to be confused with winning round betting, you would instead place an over/under bet on how many rounds you think the fight will clock in total. The over/under line can differ between fights, but it is typically about the round 7 mark.
  • Method of victory - Here, you wager on not only who will be victorious, but also the manner in which they will win. Betting on either Floyd Mayweather to win by knockout or Conor McGregor to be the victor on points would be an example of this kind of bet.

Main markets and strategies

The forms of betting mentioned above are those that you can expect many of the best boxing betting sites to offer. However, different methods of betting can also have distinctively different implications for how you are likeliest to taste success with them.

To Win Fight Bet

For example, while a "to win fight" bet is pleasingly straightforward, making it well-suited to beginner punters, you are likely to find any winnings to be very poor. This is because most boxing fights pit a highly short odds fighter against a rival whose odds to win are very long.

Bet on the Favourite

Most people will bet on the big favourite, reducing the share of the payout pool that you would get. Unfortunately, when you get an opportunity to bet on boxing online, you could often find "to win fight" betting to be the sole option. This is one sign of a poor site for boxing betting.

Round Betting

You can increase your chances of a big financial haul by betting in such a way that there is a broader range of potential outcomes. This includes "winning round" betting, which can be ideal for clashes that you anticipate finishing early or going to the judges.

You are likelier to win big with this tactic than by opting to bet on a group of rounds, where your chances of losing would be lower. Be careful with round totals betting, too, as the odds with this one are not high. It can, however, be useful if you expect a match to end particularly early or late.

Method of Victory Betting

"Method of victory" betting, meanwhile, can enhance the value of what could otherwise be just a "to win fight" punt. Aim to bet on boxers who have often gone the distance. There remain many other factors that you should consider during your boxing betting exploits.

Moneyline Betting

In moneyline betting, you can bet on whether a bout will end in a victory for one of the two boxers or a draw. Therefore, there are three options - victor #1, victor #2 or a tie.

Total Rounds and over/under Betting

How many rounds will the fight go? Make an educated guess and place your bet on that number. You can also place a bet on whether the bout will last more or less than a given number of rounds provided by the bookie.

Fight Outcome

This combines two popular bets - the winner and the method of victory - into one comprehensive bet. It means that there's a bit more research to be done - but potentially more to win.

What to consider when choosing a boxing betting site

Many people have a lax attitude to deciding between boxing betting sites. They tend to assume that these sites are very similar anyway, and that their choice of site does not therefore make a significant difference in the grand scheme of things. Except that, well, it can and it does. You should consider several features, including the following, when looking for the right boxing betting site.

  • A large range of betting options - The number of markets often positively correlates with how much interest a bout has attracted. However, it often indicates a poor boxing betting site if it offers a decent range of options only when the big boys are coming to town... or, rather, stepping into the ring.
  • Live betting - Otherwise known as in-play betting, this is where you are able to place a bet as the match happens. However, as odds can quickly fluctuate during a match, we would recommend it largely for experienced bettors.
  • Bonuses and loyalty schemes - Whatever your betting technique, it might help you pick up an especially high number of additional winnings at particular bookies.

Our site is a treasure trove of information about great online boxing bookies. The chart above provides an at-a-glance overview of our most favoured boxing betting sites this month.

The biggest annual boxing events

Much of the excitement around boxing comes from how often new events, including individual fights and clashes making up entire tournaments, are held every year. Of course, there have been many great fights in boxing history, but there are sure to be many more memorable bouts in the future.

Professional boxing has 4 main sanctioning bodies: the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Organisation. Championship bouts are sanctioned and regulated by all of these bodies, which also award world titles.

Further breaking up the variety of boxing bouts that are regularly held are the 17 weight divisions. A boxer is eligible to compete in a division if their weight does not exceed the highest limit. This means that a boxer can win world championships in multiple weight divisions, as Manny Pacquiao has done; he has picked up titles in eight divisions.

There can also be multiple major titles within the same division; for instance, Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko had all four of the heavyweight division's major titles between them from 2011 until 2013.

Other divisions in which there are reigning champions include cruiserweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, lightweight and super featherweight. Therefore, the variety of boxing events happening each year in which former titans can be dramatically defeated and new stars of the future can rise is often staggering; some of these events have even led to some of the biggest boxing scandals.

Of course, it might be the major boxing events that you are especially interested in betting on. Discerning these events from the smaller bouts is not difficult, as the former will be more widely promoted, both in the media and on betting sites.

Are you in the mood for a bit of boxing betting? If so, take a look at our rankings and reviews today at Top 10 Sports Betting Sites, and we’re sure that you’ll quickly find the right gambling portal for you.