Top 10 Online Greyhounds Betting Sites of January

A night out at the dogs has always been a special experience, and despite a bit of a decline in terms of betting, there are still plenty of great races and all sorts of ways to bet on greyhound racing. Check out the welcome bonuses on offer and read our reviews.

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Best Greyhounds Betting Sites

Greyhound races often get overlooked in favour of the more glamourous horse racing events at grand locations such as Ascot and Cheltenham, but there is great appeal to a night at the dogs, with a fantastic atmosphere at the smaller stadia and some fast-paced exciting races to get you off your feet. Betting on the dogs is a bit of a niche compared to in the past, but greyhound racing still gets plenty of attention from bookies, with most offering live odds for upcoming races each day.

Choosing the best greyhound betting site for you can be easy with Top 10 Sports Betting Sites, with top greyhound betting sites reviewed by our team who have been through each in search of the sports betting sites with great greyhound coverage, special offers and bonuses, and greyhound odds on offer. The ratings in the chart represent our research in order to bring you the information you need to find the perfect greyhound bookie for you.

How to Choose the Best Greyhounds Betting Site

Greyhound racing isn’t quite the betting paradise of days past, but there are still plenty of opportunities to bet on greyhounds online. Look for bookies who offer more races and markets than others, as well as special offers and promotions for the bigger race days. Many provide live greyhound racing through their streaming services, meaning you can watch the fast-paced action unfold in front of you. If it’s important to you, choose a site that offers greyhound betting tips from their pundits, meaning you can get the inside track on each race before betting with your hard-earned money.

As well as this, it is important, as with any sport, to consider the deposit methods available, customer support, and the look and feel of the site when choosing the best greyhound bookie for you.

Betting on Greyhounds

Greyhound racing is one of Britain’s favourite betting pastimes, with it and horse racing the traditional sports for betting. The most prestigious events are the derbies, held in Scotland, England and Ireland once a year, with thousands of pounds on offer for the winner, with the English Derby the richest greyhound race in the world - offering a total pot of £350,000. Those events will offer the biggest opportunity to get the best bonuses and promotions when betting on greyhounds, but for the more ardent fan, there are races each and every day including in the evenings and at weekends with race days held up and down the country.

Betting on greyhounds couldn’t be easier, with the majority of bookmakers offering greyhound betting from their main menus with a range of markets and races, and plenty of them available to watch live through their websites.

Types of Greyhound Bets

There are a variety of markets on offer for fans of greyhound racing, with the options quite similar to what you would expect to see from most horse racing sites. Like with horse racing, you can bet on the overall race winner, with the option to go each way and get the chance of a win if your dog finishes in the top few when they reach the finish line. If you simply want to bet on your dog to finish in the places, then that is a possibility as well, so long as there are enough dogs in the individual race.

As well as betting on individual race winners, we can also bet on the outcomes of a number of races on a given day in the form of accumulator bets, while we can make more complicated bets by doing these each way, or using combination bets such as trixies or patents. The bigger race days will offer placepots, where we can pick a dog to place in each of the days’ races, with the total pot won by the player(s) who get every race right.

As well as these markets, there is the option to bet more in-depth one a single race by forming tricasts and forecasts, where we need to be specific in predicting the order in which the dogs will finish.

Greyhound Betting Strategy

Like with horse racing, there are a number of factors to consider when placing your bets on the dogs. The track conditions and the draw, in particular, can have a huge impact on the result. With the races run over very short distances, getting a clean draw is crucial to getting the win, so make sure it is something you consider. Different dogs react differently to different types of ground as well, so make sure to note previous results and judge how the current conditions will affect the running.

The most important aspect to winning at greyhound betting is reading the form carefully and deciding which dogs are being priced too short and which are being priced too long. By doing this, we can find the dogs which offer us the best value in the long term.

Greyhound Racing Terminology

  • Box - The term used to describe the starting draw of a dog. The dog exits the starting box when starting the race - the equivalent to the stalls in horse racing.

  • Lure - The item which runs around the centre of the track which entices the dogs to race. This is usually a mechanical toy which is based around a windsock.

  • Railing - The act of a greyhound taking the inside line and racing the shortest route for a race, named for the fact it means the dog will race around the railing of the inside of the track.

  • Scratching - A dog can be ‘scratched’ from a race and replaced with a reserve so long as this is done before the day of the race, for example in the case of injury.

  • Maiden - A greyhound that is yet to win a race. Races can also be described as ‘maidens’, with these only allowing entry to greyhounds who have yet to win a race.

Greyhound FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between greyhound racing and horse racing?

A: As well as of course the animals, the main difference is the speed at which the race is run. Greyhounds don’t have a jockey weighing them down and can run at a much faster pace than a horse. The races are generally run over much shorter distances as a result. This means the draw makes an even bigger impact than it does in the sprint races in horse racing such as at Royal Ascot.

Q: Who are the best greyhounds at the moment?

A: When looking at the best greyhounds around, you might notice a number of them have Droopy in their name, with some of the best coming from the Droopy Stud. Clares Rocket, Droopys Expert and Roxhome Nidge are but a few of the standout names in the sport.

Q: Is greyhound racing cruel?

A: This is something of a subjective question. Most organisations generally find that the sport isn’t inherently cruel in itself, but there are questions about how dogs are treated after retirement. However, with work between the British Greyhound Racing Board and charities such as the RSPCA, conditions are slowly improving for retired greyhounds with record numbers being rehomed after retirement.

Q: What is the best greyhound betting site?

A: That’s what we’re here for! By having a read through our reviews and using the exclusive offers provided in the chart at the top of the page, you can find the best greyhound betting site for you.