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Understanding Golf Betting


Traditional sports that are highly featured among bookies are now giving way to lesser known sports. The theory that you can place bets on just about any sport means that fans can now take their favourite sports and put down a wager.

One of the fastest growing areas among gamblers is golf, a sport that is enjoyed by more and more every year. Golf betting is slowly starting to become more popular among mainstream golfers. This article will provide an introduction to golf betting and give an overview of some of the more popular golf bets.

Strike Three

A great betting game if you're new to golf or have a high handicap. Each golfer tosses out his three worst scores and the winner is the one with the best 15-hole score. Will forgive some of those mistakes on tougher holes. Can be played with any number of golfers.


Game for a group of 4, with 2 teams of 2. Both members of one team tee off, then the opposing team gets to pick which tee drive you use. You do the same for their drives. Can turn into a real ugly game if you don't have good tee off shots.


Essentially three bets all tied together - whoever scores the lowest on the front nine holes, the back nine holes, and all 18 holes. Easy betting game to play for new golfers, can play regardless of how many people in the group.

All about Golf Betting


Great game for a trio, and simple enough to learn. Winner on each hole gets $5, second gets $3, loser gets $1.

Lone Wolf

Fun game for a group of 4, especially if the group features a few overconfident golfers. Each hole has a new Lone Wolf, who gets to set the teams that round. The Wolf can choose to go 3 against 1, 2 against 2, or can even set himself up as the Lone Wolf and take on the three other players. Winning team each hole wins the pot.


On any ball that you shank (miss badly), you contribute to the pot. Least number of shanks at the end of the round wins the kitty. 

Nothing but Air

If you swing and miss on a shot completely, you pay up. Terrifying game for new players. Leads to the always-entertaining argument, "That was just a warmup swing!"

Holy Grail

If any player hits a hole-in-one, all other players must pay up a pre-determined amount. Amount is usually outrageously high, given the low odds of this occurring. 

Understanding golf betting


Only works in groups of four - play as pairs over the first 6 holes, then switch pairs for the next 6, and again for the last 6. You'll get to play with everyone in the group, and makes for a fun rivalry bet.


Contribute to the pot if you hit it into a sand bunker. Win current value of the pot if you par a hole that you've bunkered. Scary for those holes with multiple sand traps surrounding the green.


If you hit a tree, you pay up. Good way for golfers to learn to control their shots and stick to the fairways.  In the end, remember it's still just a form of entertainment and another way for you to enjoy the game of golf. So grab a few buddies, head out to the links and enjoy the good bonding time that is shared over some fun bets. Good Luck!

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