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The Basics of Sports Betting Odds


It would be reasonable to say that the odds of sports betting are likely the most confusing aspect of the hobby. Depending on what country you are betting in the way the odds are presented will be different. Therefore, if you travel or share the hobby with friends internationally you are likely to get baffled as well. While deciphering how to read odds can be quite difficult it gets simpler as you learn a few simple rules and key terms.

Where to Learn

The reason for this aspect of sports wagering being so difficult to get a handle on may be that most people do not really know where to look to begin asking for the information or are too prideful to admit they are confused. The best thing to remember is that everyone who is betting on sports all had to start somewhere just as new and clueless as you, there is no shame in learning.

If you have friends who share the interest with you it is a good idea to ask them for helpful pointers and explanations. You may also look to your chosen bookmaker for help about understanding the odds. The most beneficial place to look, however, is probably the internet of finding books and magazine articles that can further articulate the rules of the game.

Sport betting odds - is it so complicated?


In the UK the fractional system is used when it comes to sports betting odds. The basics of this system may be a tad dumbfounding at first but once you get the hang of it you will see it is not nearly as complicated as it seems. If a bet has a betting odd of 1/2 this means that you will only earn half of the amount that you bet on a team or player. A bet of 1/1 is an even bet so you will win exactly the amount you bet on a team or a player. A bet of 3/2 will earn you the amount of one and a half times the amount that you wagered. And betting on a team or player with a 2/1 odds will mean that you make double what you bet.


Of course there are always risks to worry about. Obviously the clearest risk is losing money to a bad bet. However, you must also be aware of the odds to make sure you are making reasonable bets for yourself and not getting yourself overwhelmed by a bet you cannot afford. Having a clear understanding of the odds and percentages and what they all mean will help you to ensure that you are betting safely and not putting yourself in a position that you will later regret. You have the ultimate freedom by learning these fractional odds to bet only what you are comfortable with and risk only what you can afford to. Be sure to understand the odds before jumping into something to soon.

how to read betting odds


It is true, that at first glance looking at the details of sports betting odds can be quite daunting. However, by putting yourself in situations where you can learn from experienced betters, or review information online or other facets you may find that you are catching on much quicker than you thought you would. In no time at all you can be a sports betting guru teaching all the other newbies how to bet! 

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