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How to Win at Football Betting


Football is a sport that is so instinctively familiar to many of us that it may be easy to think you can simply start betting and generating some safe cash straight away. But of course, as last year’s Premier League title race demonstrated, football has the power to consistently surprise us, to such an extent that even the surest bets are often in no way sure.

So, is it possible to make money from football betting at all? The answer to that is “yes”, but it greatly helps to be diligent and well-informed about what works and what doesn’t.

Here are some of our favourite tips for ensuring football betting success here at Top 10 Sports Betting Sites.

Immerse Yourself in Football

It sounds like obvious advice, but there are still far too many people who have a flutter on the results of a certain game on the basis of “gut instinct” that often proves less than well-founded. The truth is that if you want to win at football betting with any regularity, you do need to know the game.

You need to know the game before betting on football

Nor is it enough to have simply spent years watching football. Instead, a truly diligent approach is needed, based on careful, constant and intelligent analysis of the various trends, facts and statistics.

What is each team’s current form? Are their star players doing well right now, or going through a lean spell or out injured? What is that team’s playing style, and how does it work against their prospective opponents when you look back at past results between the two clubs? Who can’t stop scoring at the moment, and who’s a potential liability to their team?

It is by putting these and so many more factors together, that you can learn to make astute football bets that win you cash.

Take a Statistical Approach

The Internet is famously a mine of information, so why wouldn’t you want to make the best use of it for your football betting? Football statistics sites like Soccerway and give you fascinating insights into teams and individual players alike, thereby enabling you to make the best-informed bets.

There’s a huge well of data on the internet

There’s a huge well of data on these sites, so it can be tricky to know where to start. We would suggest that you look first at the long-term form of the teams on which you would like to bet, including not just their win-loss-draw statistics, but also the average number of goals they score and how many they concede.

Then, it’s a good idea to examine the two teams’ form in the last few weeks, assessing shorter-term trends such as a certain striker being on a goal-scoring run or another usually high-performing player showing signs of fatigue.

Remember that even when you are using statistics to inform your sports betting, there is room to be imaginative. For example, if one team hasn’t met the other team for a while, you could look at how that first team fared against similarly-ranked opposition with a comparable playing style, as well as who tends to score against such teams and how they tend to score against them.   

Be Open Minded About Other Factors

Even the most methodical and repeatable approach to football betting shouldn’t exclude visits to the regular sports news pages for the latest team news, or even to social media for indications about all of those other things you might otherwise miss, like the weather forecast or referee.

With even the seemingly smallest factors often capable of swinging a football match in one direction or another, it may seem like a lot of hard work to consider them all. However, putting in that little extra effort could make the difference between winning and losing your bet.

Limit the Number of Bets You Place

When you succeed with one or two bets, it’s easy to feel that you’re “on a roll” and can suddenly spot quite a lot of great opportunities each day. Before you know it, in all of your enthusiasm you’ve placed three or four bets and even if one or two of them work out for you, the others don’t.

Limit the Number of Bets You Place

Bookmakers don’t typically allow that many really great opportunities to escape their notice, so it’s best not to be greedy and instead focus solely on the very best bets you can find.

Check What the Experts Are Saying

This isn’t the same as blindly following those “tipsters” you may have heard about – you know, the ones who claim they have a “foolproof” system that enables you to win every time.

No, we’re talking about the various informed columnists and commentators in the newspaper and website sports pages – the journalists, analysts, ex-players and so on – who often have something interesting to say to assist you with your betting.

Perhaps they’re talking about rumours of dressing-room unrest that you might not have been aware of, so maybe they share your opinion that a certain player is destined to get a start or score a goal sooner or later. Experts shouldn’t be followed blindly when you come to bet on football, but nor should they be completely ignored.

Research the Various Betting Sites

You’ve got a lot of choice of different sports betting portals to check out these days, and choosing one isn’t just a case of personal preference – some sites offer promotions that could actively help you to make money from football betting.

Whether a given site gives you a refund of your bets when games finish 0-0 or grants you a bonus on a victorious accumulator, there are always opportunities to make a bit more money when you place the right bets, on the right sites, at the right times.

Discover some of the leading football betting sites right now with a little help from our online gambling enthusiasts here at Top 10 Best Sports Betting Sites. 

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