Understanding Accumulator Bets

Understanding Accumulator Bets

Last updated : 14 January, 2021By Top10 Staff
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If you want the opportunity to win big, one of the best options for this is the accumulator bet. This is where you get to put your knowledge of sports to the ultimate test as you try to predict more than one result. The risks with this type of bet are higher, but you are rewarded with greater excitement and the possibility of walking away with a large sum of money.

What is An Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is where you wager a single sum of money on numerous outcomes (usually four or more). For example, a horse racing accumulator bet would involve choosing different horses to win in different races. This is worth doing because as each horse wins, this stake will then be placed on the next race for the possibility of even greater winnings. It means you can place a small bet and potentially win a great deal of money if all your outcomes turn out as you predict. The downside with the accumulator bet is that if any of your bets fail to win, you walk away with nothing.

It is also important to understand that there are differing types of accumulator depending on how many outcomes you are willing to predict. The most popular options would include:

  • Double

  • Treble

  • Four-fold accumulator (predict four results)

  • Five-fold accumulator

  • Six-fold accumulator

  • Seven-fold accumulator

  • Eight-fold accumulator

This type of bet is suitable for most types of sporting event, but the most popular examples of it would be the football accumulator, horse accumulator, rugby accumulator, and cricket accumulator.

Advantages of an Accumulator Bet

  • Better chance of winning big

  • Odds are much higher than a single bet

  • You can get large winnings form a small stake

  • It means added excitement because you are waiting on more than one outcome

  • It is an opportunity to really test your sports knowledge and intuition

The possibility of winning big with an accumulator makes it well worth doing. Some of us can feel a bit intimidated when we first hear about this type of bet, the mathematics can sound complicated, but it is actually all pretty straightforward. The only real challenge with this type of wager is predicting multiple outcomes but that of course is part of the fun.

Best Bookies for Accumulators

If you want to get the most from your accumulator bets, it is going to be important to choose the right bookies.The reality is that some bookies are better than others, and you could end up getting poor odds, bad service, and problems collecting your winnings. These days a growing number of us prefer to place bets online because it is so convenient and provides options not available offline (e.g. special promotions). It is important to choose your online bookie carefully though, and the information on this website improves your ability to do this.

Still not ready to place your first bet? Let us help you: Read one of our helpful articles or tips to learn more about the wonderful world of sport betting online.

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