Top 10 Royal Baby Betting Sites

It's Will and Kate's third baby - and with the odds becoming ever more specific (two names are off the lists!), get your bets in for the 4th in line to the throne's name, gender and more!

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Betting on the royal baby's name and details

It’s that time again! We never thought we’d be so lucky to see yet another royal baby on the horizon, especially with the way Kate Middleton’s, AKA the Duchess of Cambridge's, past two pregnancies started. The fact that she'd want to go through all of that again is nothing short of selfless, and it gives us some fantastic opportunities for some top-notch royal baby bets! 

It wasn't that long ago that the world waiting in anticipation for little Prince George to be born, and then again a couple of years later for Princess Charlotte to make an appearance. What with all of the Kate Middleton baby bets going on both times around, you'd have thought she was the queen already! Betting on royal baby names is always fun, especially because there’s a rich list of past royals to read up on and make a potential list from. 

Royal baby names bets are a little bit different than usual sporting bets. For one thing, there’s no real proven strategy or rules to choosing the right bet - you check out the odds, pick a name and stick with it! And, if you're feeling extra adventurous, you could also bet on the royal baby birth date, gender, due date (obviously), birth hour or even on the weight!

While we’ve already had the fun of waiting for and betting on the past two royal babies, it also means that two names are off the lists - George and Charlotte. This means that if you're interested in a bit of fun royal baby betting you’ll need to read up on your past kings and queens of English history, and then make a list of the most likely names for boys and girls! Otherwise, you could also look at the royal baby names bookies are offering odds on, which might actually be an easier way of choosing one to bet on. 

Another great thing about royal baby names bets is that there’s absolutely no experience necessary to make a bet in the first place. Go with the one you feel is most likely, or check out the bookies’ options, and presto, you're in with a chance to win! 

With three kids already, Will and Kate might feel they’ve done their civic duty, and this would be their last one. We say, therefore, make your (possibly final) royal baby bets count, and enjoy what might be your last chance to place a bet on royal baby number 3. 

Well, from Will and Kate anyway. For those royal baby betting enthusiasts, there’s always Zara Phillips’ baby name betting to look forward to, too...

Why Do People Bet on the Royal Baby's Name and Other Details?

To non-bettors, it might seem a bit strange that people could find so much fun, not to mention, so much to bet on - just from a pregnancy. Yet, they do: if you check out any of the casinos in our above table, you'll find some exciting betting options on offer, including:

  • Royal name bets
  • The baby’s gender bets
  • The baby’s due date bets
  • The baby’s birth hour bets
  • The baby’s weight bets 

...and even at some (pretty cheeky) casinos, if Prince William will be able to get the baby seat into the car perfectly three out of three times. This particular bet came about after the Prince made a joke of managing to successfully fit Prince George’s car seat into the car when leaving the hospital, and then achieving the same thing with Princess Charlotte’s car seat, telling the waiting press ‘two out of two!’

But as for the exact reasons why people like to make royal baby name bets, it's because it's pretty fun. Unlike with other types of bets - sports, casino games, poker etc - there’s absolutely no strategy or prior knowledge involved when it comes to making royal baby bets: just pick a name, birth date, birth hour, gender, weight and otherwise, put your money down, and you're ready to go! 

Whether you're a staunch Royalist or you don't really see the need of the Royal family, you can't deny that the birth of a child - whether they're royal or not - is a lovely, happy event. With all of the other awful everyday occurrences we read about daily, this is something nice and uplifting to look forward to. That’s alongside the royal wedding of Prince William’s younger brother, Prince Harry (although that also provides very little to actually bet on!). We like to feel involved in the lives of our public figures, especially when it comes to the Princes William and Harry, who most of us will remember tragically losing their mother, Princess Diana, at a very young age, therefore, betting on royal baby names allows us to experience a little bit of their happiness, even if we don't all feel slightly protective towards them. 

That and, we’ve probably never seen a pregnant woman who looks as phenomenal as Kate. As far as Kate Middleton baby bets go, she continues to be a stunner, pregnant or not! 

how to choose a betting site for the royal baby

Let’s get down to the good stuff! Whether this is your first ever royal baby betting experience or you've done this before for the past two royal baby (and even the other royal babies), then there are several things you should be looking out for when making your royal baby bet: 

  • The special offers available: This is a special occasion, so online casinos will try and make it worth your while. If the past two royal babies are anything to go by, online casinos (especially the recommended ones in our list, above) will do some extra special odds and bonuses for both existing players and when new players sign up. It's worth checking out and comparing these different options available, as odds and offers can change a lot between online casinos - so do some shopping around while you still have time! 
  • A proven online casino from the last two births: Luckily, we have a few tried and tested options of casinos to bet with, thanks to the last two royal babies. If you had a good experience betting somewhere with the last two, then check out what they are offering this time around - you might even find they do something extra special for returning royal baby bet customers! 
  • Look for a trusted casino: Any casino worth their salt will be tried and tested and trustworthy, if you're looking for an online casino you know you can trust, then we have a solid range recommended for you, above. In fact...
  • Check out our table, above: We do all the legwork for you, meaning if you want an online casino with a great reputation, betting options and which you know you can trust, just cast your eyes upwards! 

In fact, while we’re on the subject…

Why you should use top 10 royal baby betting sites

We know there are a lot of online casinos out there, most of which will have a whole section of bets just for the royal baby, and everything to do with its arrival. 

However, before you put any money down, you should make sure that the casino you're considering betting with is worth it and secure. Even better: choose one of our recommended sites in our table above, and you can be confident you're in safe hands! 

We guarantee you our above-recommended casinos: 

  • Have the best odds: Part of our promise to you is that the casinos we recommend to you have some of the best odds in the market. If they didn't we wouldn't be recommending them to you! An important note, however: we search for casinos which have a great overall experience for layers, including the best games available, the best customer support, site navigation and banking options, which means that some casinos might seem like they have lower odds than others in our table - in actual fact, every casino is in the table on the basis of their overall approach...and therefore gains a recommendation from us. 
  • Have special deals (you wouldn't have seen otherwise): Thanks to our industry insider status, we know the people behind the casino brands, and in some cases, have even worked for the casino brands ourselves! What this means for you as a player is that we have a special relationship with these casinos and use this to get you the best deals available. Therefore, the signup bonus you see in our table isn't necessarily what you'd see at the casino themselves or at any other place online. A special note, while we're on the subject: always check the terms and conditions of each offer you want to take, including any minimum deposit and wagering requirements. 
  • Are tried and tested: We practice what we preach. We try everything out for you before recommending it to you. This includes playing the games on the site, navigating around the site, trying out the banking options and contacting customer support (we really out customer support through its paces!). What this all means is we get a very thorough overview of how an online casino actually is for a player who’s just signed up, which we then write down and report to you in our massively in-depth reviews. 
  • Are trusted and regulated: Yes, you guessed it: all of our online casinos have to display the eCOGRA sign of regulation, which indicates that all of the games are fair and unbiased towards the casino (because there are some online casinos which don't display this symbol, and you can bet they aren't fair to players). Otherwise, all of our online casinos have to be regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), a logo which you'll see prominently displayed in the casino’s footer section. All of our recommended casinos have to be regulated by the UKGC for it to appear in our table of recommended online casinos. 

making royal baby bets: are you ready?

As Kate Middleton's due date draws ever closer, the time to get betting and choosing the best online casino to do so is now! 

Even if she doesn't actually give birth on her due date (and she didn’t with Prince George and Princess Charlotte), it's still better to get your bets in now, as the odds will definitely change, the closer we draw to the day itself. 

Remember, this might be your very last chance to bet on yet another royal baby from Kate and Wills… except there also might be another set of royal babies to look forward to, once Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle, tie the knot at the end of May. There’s also Zara Phillips’ baby name betting if it takes your fancy, and in a few years, we can also expect royal babies from Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, which should always be fun! 

In the meantime, let's focus on the royal baby at hand, and start the preparation for the big day when the little one joins us. Get betting on its name, gender, birth weight, due date and birth hour now, while you still have time…!