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Pinnacle Sports Review

Felicity Kay 

Pinnacle Sports is one of the longest running and most well-respected online sports books in the entire world. Having been online since 1998, they have consistently risen above the competition through dedication to a single principle: providing the customer with the best odds and lines possible. They pride themselves on being the lowest juice sports book on the internet and actually encourage winning players, rather than hiding behind all sorts of complicated and contradictory terms and conditions (like many others).

Software & Graphics

The software which powers and runs the site comes from Action Sportsbook International, one of the top names in this business. The software has been thoroughly and customized to suit the purposes of the discerning customer which Pinnacle attracts. There is an option which allows players to buy and sell points and one of the best account histories. The graphics are also very nice, with a color-coded system so that you may easily recognize any recent line changes and updates.

Bonuses & Promos

Pinnacle Sports does not offer any deposit bonuses or promotions, unless you are drop $10,000 or more. Their theory is that the money spent on giving out bonuses is better used to sharpen their own lines. In return, players are offered the best pricing in the entire online betting world. This includes -104 pricing on NFL sides and MLB money lines. Additionally, incredibly high betting limits are available, up to $30,000 per game on NFL sides!


Players can wager on a huge variety of sports and place an even wider assortment of bets. This includes all of the popular American and global sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey. Players will also enjoy making traditional sides wagers or playing on money lines, totals, and even reverse bets. Of course there are also parlays, teasers, and a variety of combination wagers available. 


Players have come to expect excellent and efficient operation of the Pinnacle Sports site. If there is ever an issue, feel free to send an email to their staff, who is available 24/7/365 around the clock. You are sure to receive a fast and courteous reply from a knowledgeable member of staff. Normally, emails are answered in a matter of a few hours. 

Extra Value

Another excellent feature offered by Pinnacle Sports is dynamic lines. Players can simply sit and watch as any line changes occur, in real time. This is a great way to stay informed and ensures the ultimate in price and value. 

There are a number of other additional features. Be sure to read some of the excellent articles posted on the site; they are there to help players make better wagering decisions. Players may also take advantage of a casino on the site. 

General Info

Pinnacle has also recently developed a very exciting mobile betting platform. It is now possible for players to make wagers directly from their mobile phones! The entire site has also been rated as one of the easiest to use by several sports book watchdog groups. As a side note, Pinnacle is also the first major online book to actually offer wagering on eSports, one of the most exciting and fastest growing trends online today. Be sure to check out the site for further details.

Deposits & Withdrawal

There are a number of deposit and banking options offered by Pinnacle Sports. Some of these include:

  • Credit Cards

  • Bank Wires

  • InstaDebit

  • NeTeller

  • Delta

  • MoneyBookers

  • Poli

  • Web Money

  • Click and Buy

These are all easy to use and any specific restrictions or guidelines are clearly listed on the site.

Payout Policy

Pinnacle Sports complies by all applicable rules and regulations. This means that they reserve the right to ask for account and identity verification. This simply means that before taking your first payout, you might be asked to provide some documentation. This can include some form of national identity card, a copy of the credit card or payment method used and a recent utility bill in your name. Once completed, you will not be required to do this again.

Pros & Cons

Perhaps the biggest con of the site is the lack of US players. Of course, this is due to the onerous rules imposed by various governments. The site has many pros, including the lowest vigorish and best line pricing in the business. There are also incredibly high wagering limits for the well-heeled. 

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