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Top 10 Cricket Betting Sites of October

Cricket is one of the most British of all sports, and a firm fan favourite. With so many events happening at home and internationally, you'll always find something to bet on. Terms & Conditions apply to the offers below; click ‘Bet Now’ for more details. Age 18+


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Betting on Cricket online

Betting on cricket couldn’t be easier, with plenty of markets on offer whether betting pre-match or in play. The easiest way to bet is to look at the match winner, and with games able to change in an instant the odds for either side can fluctuate substantially. A single wicket can turn a team from heavy favourite into an underdog, especially in the shorter formats of the game, and so betting in play is probably the most interesting way to bet when looking at cricket.

As well as this, there are plenty of other markets to choose from meaning there is always likely to be a bet of interest when watching a game of cricket. If looking for shorter odds or to make a multiple, we can usually find odds around the evens mark when looking at the scores of individual batsmen. In these markets, the bookmakers will assign each batsman a predicted score, perhaps something near his average but dependent on form, and the punter is given the choice whether to go over or under that mark. We can also find similar opportunities when looking at a player’s performance points. A player will accrue points based on his stats for the match, with points given for acheivements such as runs, wickets or catches, for example, and we can bet whether we think a player will score above or below a certain mark. Marks and odds for these kinds of markets will generally be updated throughout the match, so as well as staking before the match we can also wait until we’ve seen how a player is looking before deciding whether to go under or over. We can also find similar over/under markets when looking at the total runs in the match, total runs in one innings, or the total number of sixes scored, as well as others.

If looking for some longer odds markets, the best bet is usually looking at individual awards, with the most common being a team’s top batsman, or the overall man of the match. In these cases we can find odds sometimes in double figures, so can be a nice way to bet if not looking to spend a lot while giving us a chance of some decent winnings. Generally it is worth looking at the form of the players before placing a bet here, but remember: most of the time the man of the match will come from the winning team.

There are plenty of big events in cricket due to the various formats on offer. The Cricket World Cup, the Twenty20 World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy are played every four years, meaning there is a big international tournament most years. At the same time as this we have regular international series all year around, such as the Ashes, which are held twice every four years. In domestic cricket, the Indian Premier League, or IPL, gets more popular every year with all the World’s top players heading to India for a fast-paced frenetic 10 weeks which guarantees excitement.

Factors when betting on cricket

With plenty of markets on offer, there are always going to be odds on offer to entice us and some that don’t. Cricket is a sports full of statistics and so analysis of a player or team’s recent form or overall abilities can be quite easy to judge. However, there are other factors that must be considered rather than just trusting the form of a player or team. For example, it could be very simple to decide the winner of a test match by purely looking at the form of each team, but it is unwise to do so before looking at the weather, the expectations from the pitch and how this will suit each team, as well as each team or individual player records at that ground. If plenty of rain is forecast, then the draw could be a valuable option, while if there is expected to be plenty of cloud, then the side with the better swing bowlers should have the advantage. In very hot conditions, pitches are likely to be harder and faster, and so the side with the better quality quick bowlers should be expected to do well. Groundsmen generally have a fairly large amount of control over the pitch and its characteristics, and will set it up to suit their players, however certain grounds tend to favour certain players over others. Perth will generally provide the kind of hard and fast pitches that will suit the quicker bowlers, while Indian pitches will tend to offer more help to spin bowlers and batsmen, with slow, flat pitches the norm on the subcontinent.

It’s always worth taking a look at all of these factors, as well as the form of each team and each player before placing your bets.

Bottom line on cricket betting

As cricket and its audience grows, the number of options available when placing a bet has also grown substantially. With matches taking place all year around, and with several high profile tournaments, there is plenty that cricket can offer punters. Cricket is one of the best sports around for betting in play in particular, and with the momentum of a game able to change in a moment’s notice, there are plenty of opportunities out there to make solid cash at the bookmakers’ expense.

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