Live Betting Explained: How Does it Work?


Any sports fan will tell you that there's nothing like watching a football game, tennis match or horse race as it happens, experiencing all of the highs and lows that the unfolding action brings. But what about betting? In the old days, you had to take a punt on the end result before the fixture even began, and then just cross your fingers even if circumstances changed drastically in the first few minutes of the event.

Today, however, there is the opportunity to have a go at live or 'in-play' betting, which as that term suggests, involves wagering as the sporting event in question is happening. It's available at many of the sites that we have rated and reviewed here at Top 10 Sports Betting Sites, but what else do you need to know about it?

In-Play Betting Gives You Incredible Freedom 

One of the beauties of live betting is that you can adjust your betting as the event progresses. Key events like a certain star player becoming injured, a tyre blowout or – of course – the ball hitting the back of the net may greatly alter your opinion of what the final outcome of a fixture is likely to be.

There's a real suspense to live betting – you can rarely know for sure whether you will win your bet until almost the final second of the event. The progress of the event is marked by a live ticker, while there will also likely be a chat room enabling you to banter with fellow gamblers.

Bet 'Live' on a Sport of Your Choice 

Although there is an incredibly wide range of sports on which you can bet 'live' – including not only football but also tennis, horse racing, American football, Formula One, skiing and ice hockey – there are unquestionably some sports that lend themselves better to in-play betting than others.

Horse racing, for example, is a sport that is notorious for constant changes as the event progresses, as well as various other factors that can inform how people choose to wager. Football, too, offers plenty of opportunity for stimulating live betting – you might bet on the next goal scorer, the half-time result, the next team to score, the next corner or who will score the winning goal, to name just some of the markets that may be available.

Discover The Best Sites For In-Play Betting 

While the principle of live betting remains much the same across the many sites represented here at Top 10 Sports Betting Sites, it's important to remember that few two sites take exactly the same approach. Some sites, for example, may offer live streams of the fixtures in question, while others may run interesting each-way or money-back offers.

Whatever you expect from a sports betting portal, when you compare the leading online sportsbooks features with Top 10 Sports Betting Sites, you can maximise your chances of picking a site that will bring you the most rewarding possible in-play betting experience. Have fun! 

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